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        New STB 100/200 Series Smart transformer breathers... reduce maintenance costs with learned transformer breathing patterns and self-regenerating desiccant

        Excess humidity from the atmosphere may degrade a transformer bladder, oil and insulation system over time. This degradation causes unnecessary aging to the asset, reducing the overall life and performance. This can lead to additional maintenance or even premature and unexpected asset failure in the future.

        The kevlay STB Series Smart transformer breather removes moisture from air entering oil-filled transformers or LTC conservators. The breather is automated to regenerate the silica gel desiccant at a user selectable time interval or relative humidity (RH) threshold. Alarming capability and communications reduce unnecessary breather maintenance costs over time. The silica gel may be regenerated many times without replacement due to internal heaters inside the unit that drive off accumulated water on a transformer exhale cycle. 

        Key Features:

        • Constructed with robust materials that provide models for almost any application

        • User customization through configurable or pre-programmed RH thresholds

        • Local and remote communication options provide for any application

        • Bright LED indication lights and alarming